Fritz Hansen showroom Milan, by Stefano Tagliacarne

Stefano Tagliacarne designed the first Milan showroom for the historic Danish furniture company Fritz Hansen.


The showroom of Fritz Hansen in Milan, is dealing with several missions, it communicate the rich history of the Danish brand and its famous collections, the brand image to stress the masterpieces of Arne Jacobson and Poul Kjaerholm and expressing the values of Danish culture to the Italian context.


The showroom is the mirror of the company philosophy, displayed on a 340 square meters surface divided into three levels.  The major challenge for Stefano Tagliacarne here was to overcome the spatial irregularity of the showroom, composed by three levels of different size and shape.


Stefano Tagliacarne linked the three levels by the big red column and a wood clad wall that is developed from the bottom of the basement to the top of the first floor. The wooden wall is set up in a spectacular and attractive way with the ‘Series 7’ chairs, designed by Arne Jacobson in 1955, the wall becomes and extra exhibition space with a clearly visual guideline from the entrance throughout the whole space and levels.




More info on : dexigner
Weblink Fritz Hansen.

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