The White Rabbit restaurant in Singapore by Takenouchi Webb

The White Rabbit restaurant, designed by Takenouchi Webb, in Singapore.


The White Rabbit, is a restaurant and bar housed in an awe- inspiring and beautifull restored old chapel, that is located in the Dempsey Road area of Singapore and designed Takenouchi Webb.

The primary goal of this project, was to restore as many of the existing details as possible. There is a clear distinction between old and new, with much feeling and attention for the exisiting details of the church. Moreover, there are used natural materials, such as copper, marble, timber and etc. to keep the authentic value of the church.



A single dining space and bar with an attached outdoor terrace for dining and drinking, and a refreshing, yet timeless design complemented the dining concept of classic European comfort food.



Via [Coolboom and Yatzer]

More pictures and info on Yatzer.
Weblink The White Rabbit

One thought on “The White Rabbit restaurant in Singapore by Takenouchi Webb

  1. AWESOME!! Not sacriligious in MY opinion. Beautiful. Captures the essence of the”church” in the warmth and the coolness, in the lighting, and the architecture…..the architecture uncovered in “the building/the church”. CHURCH is WITHIN and WITH OTHERS, not a building. : )
    I would dine there.

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