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  1. Hi, this is Mark Busacca, founder of Busacca Gallery in San Francisco. Can you please put me on your mailing list. And can you take a look at our web site. It would also be fantastic if you could look into putting us up on your top link picks within your web site, most appreciated. If we can do anything to help you! Let us know. Mark

    Consignment Art ? ? –>

    Sincerely, Mark Busacca,
    2010 Hyde Street San Francisco, CA 94109
    Gallery 415-776-0104 or cell 415-215-6533

    For more info ! Call me or email me

    The brings you contemporary & traditional museum quality works of art and antiques. We are one of the most comprehensive art resources available worldwide. We provide contemporary art and Antiques for sale to collectors, consultants, architects and interior designers, providing an opportunity to view and purchase art for their art projects. Whether it’s for the office, or art for the home, our online art gallery includes all kinds of the most amazing edited and published art found on the world wide web today.

  2. I am an Architectural student at Northumbria university, which is in the north of England. I am in my final year of the Diploma Architecture Design and Management course and undergoing a project that concerns the design of a wetland and wildlife retreat. As a president study, I’ve found your Visitor centre for the region Mecklenburgische Seenplatte. on the website very interesting.

    I am contacting you to see if you could send me further information that might help me with regard of this major project design. I am current in the early development and concept stage. Would it be possible for you to send me your concepts around this project;

    the environmental considerations of the building or plans and elevations to look at the different rooms

    Thanking you in advance.

    Kind Regards

    Kevin Potts
    Architecture, Design and Management

    Student number: r0517210

  3. Dear Kevin,

    For more information and details you have to contact the architect of the visitor center.

    Hope you can find a answer to your question!

    Kind Regards,
    Verheyen Donny

  4. Hi! I’m a third year student studying Entrepreneurship with Management,

    I’m writing a dissertation on the competitive position of sustainable nightclubs in comparison to conventional designs. I’m working out the extra costs it took to make Club Watt and the resulting utility savings.

    I’ve contacted Club Watt and they were very helpful in supplying their savings in water and electricity but i can’t seem to find any details relating to gas efficiency? And although i got an overall cost for the club and i have the price of the dancefloor, i would really like to find out how much the other ‘spectaculars’ cost (i have their benefits)

    My dads an architect and he said you guys are the best people to ask.

    Do you have any information on the project? Anything related the clubs costs or benefits? It would be a god send



  5. Hi,
    I wanted to submit info for our competition to be posted. The text is as follows:
    Just in its 3rd year, the Chicago-based Mock Firms Architectural Competition is already highly regarded on the landscape of student-based design competitions. The Mock Firms model aims to help facilitate the formation and function of simulated architectural design firms by collegiate and secondary school students. The purpose is to challenge them to conceive, coordinate, construct and even commercialize a skyscraper project for Stockholm, Sweden which will be interactively judged by industry professionals against a field of their peers. Teams or “firms” can consist from between 2 – 4 partners (an additional one can be an instructor) Additional classmates are encouraged be involved in the overall process as skilled “employees.” Take advantage of early registration through 2010-09-30! For more info visit

  6. Hi. I was just wondering if the dimensions for Bodegas Protos were available anywhere online? I am building a model for this winery at university, and desperately need the dimensions.

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