Office/workshop by Otra Arquitectura Office, Mexico

Otra Arquitectura turned a small abandoned space into new a space for there office and a workshop. The project is located in Monterry, Mexico.

The space is barely 60m2, and built mainly out of ashlar walls covered in several layers of stucco and paint acquired over the years. The initial idea was to strip down the ashlar walls to its original state, to take advantage of its texture and colors, giving the space a warm feeling.

Color is very important in this project, and a range of 5 colors was selected based on the colors of the office’s image and colors already existing in the nearby area, that fit perfectly with the kind of derelict surrounding in which the project is located. The colors are purple, red, orange, yellow and green (plants).

The main space is divided into the office’s lobby and workshop by a garden wall. The flowerpots from the lower garden wall seem to absorb the floor’s purple color, and gently turn into a yellow, as if the flowerpots were pixels in an image. The plants in each flowerpot, combined with the thick 15” ashlar walls, provide the office with a fresh, cool, clean environment.

In the workwhop, vinyl graphics are used in the purple polyurethane covered floor, in the shape of comic bubbles pointing towards the chairs, describing the job of each chair occupant with written sounds.

Behind the executive architect’s chair there is another bubble over clear glass, that is used as a notice board, as if the architect was speaking to its team.

Special thanks to César Bejarano from Otra Arquitectura.
Text and potos are property of Otra Arquitectura.

Photographs by Caroga Foto


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