ArchiDE’s list with X-Mas gift books for 2009

1. Design Taste: Graphics+ interiors for cas With four in-depth case studies, Design • Taste gives you a round-the-world tour to hottest cafés, bars and restaurants that serve varied dishes to people with a different taste for food, uncovering how design talents inspire customers with astonishing environments and graphics in whatever form you can touch and see when you dine out, such as logo, signage, name card, menu, uniform, tableware, you name it.

2. Build On: converted architecture and transformed buildings
Build-On is a collection of phenomenal architectural transformations that bring new life and function to existing structures. Exceptional examples of large-scale radical renovations and adaptations of industrial wasteland, bunkers, abandoned churches and forsaken rural centres are featured along with creative transformations of smaller building units in the urban and rural context.

3. Living the new milllenium
Houses at the Start of the 21st Century The best contemporary houses from around the world. Conceived and edited by Phaidon Editors

4. The Public chance: new urban landscapes
A thick volume packed with thirty urban projects, The Public Chance’ forms in some respects a follow up to the earlier series In Common’. This new collection focuses on additional designs for collective public spaces and in so doing offers a renewed vision of both new interventions and earlier presented and now completed projects.

5. Beyond architecture: Imaginative buildings and fictional cities
Beyond Architecture is the first publication of its kind to document the creative exploration of architecture and urban propositions in the contemporary arts. Presenting experimental projects from an array of creative contexts, the book features a multitude of groundbreaking approaches. It demonstrates how not only architects and designers but also artists are taking architecture as a starting point for experimentation. The projects collected in this book range from performance, installation art and crafted sculptures to architectural models, alternative ideas for living spaces and furniture, as well as illustration, painting, collage and photography.

6. Jean Nouvel by Jean Nouvel: Complete Works 1970-2008
The work of France’s internationally celebrated contemporary architect – and recipient of the 2008 Pritzker Prize – presented here in a book designed by the master himself. Two 400-page hardcover volumes give the most complete overview to date of Jean Nouvel’s career, including works in progress such as the new Louvre in Abu Dhabi, the Philharmonie de Paris, and the MoMA extension in New York.

7. Takaharu + Yui: Tezuka Architecture Catalogue 2
This long-awaited sequel to a successful earlier edition brings together 19 recent architectural works and projects by this popular, young architectural partnership. Featured are such works as their Fuji Kindergarten, which was recently awarded a prestigious prize by the Architectural Institution of Japan, and the Net Forest at the Hakone Open-Air Museum which is scheduled for completion later this year. These and other works, which express the bold ideas and aspirations of their creators, are introduced through a generous supply of colour photographs and technical drawings and accompanied by an explanatory essay.

8. PUUR Interiorarchitects
PUUR Interieurarchitecten is the first book in a new series of books on (interior)architecture, in which Stichting Kunstboek offers a platform for the creative work of young architects. Puur Interieurarchitecten was founded in 2003 by Jan Geysen. The book brings an overview of the most important architectural projects of the past 5 years, from private houses to the interior design of shops and offices, and illustrates how Jan Geysen and his team keep on searching for ‘pure essence’ in their creations. (dutch language)

Do you have more ideas for a perfect Christmas gift? Leave them behind!

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