MUMUTH, Music Theatre in Graz by UNStudio


The Haus für Musik und Musiktheater MUMUTH in Graz, Austria, will open her doors on 1 March 2009. The theatre is designed by the dutch architects UNStudio. 

The theatre is a part of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz and can seat up to 450 people. 



Info from the architect:

The building consists of one horizontally directed spiral whose ends are interwoven with its middle part to generate the internal organisation. Differentiating the spiral allows for creating buffer zones between the functions as well as fulfilling the different spatial needs of the various programme parts. The spiral organisation allows for transition zones, offering acoustic buffering as well as forming a secondary routing system which gives the performers a side path, connecting the internal, private functions. Central in the concept of the building is the large room that can be flexibly used as working place, concert room and music theatre. Attached to this central room are a cafetaria, technical spaces and dressing rooms.


“We saw the spiral as the organizing element of the MUMUTH in much the same way as Se00rialism works in contemporary music.” Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos

Of the design of MUMUTH Architect Ben van Berkel says: “The desire to make a building that is as much about music as a building can be, has been a constant throughout the nearly ten years that it took to build the theatre and the themes that are at the basis of the building and its overall organization have also endured throughout this time.”



   Building: BIG, Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H. 
   Interior: KUG, University for music and applied art, Graz 
Program: University faculty building 
Gross floor surface: 6.200 m² 
Site: 2.745 m² 
Construction year 2006-2008 

Photos are made by Christian Richters.


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