DZ Bank by architect Frank O. Gerhy *BERLIN, Germany*

The DZ Bank in Berlin, Germany by architect Frank O’Gerhy.


The genesis of this project dates back to 1995, when Gerhy’s competition entry for Berlin’s historic Museum Island was under construction. A that time, the DG bank invited him and six other architects to produce a proposal for the bank’s new Berlin headquarters. The brief included financial offices, apartments and semi-autonomous conference spaces that could be hired out to corporate clients. Gehry did not prevail in the museum competition, but his design for the DG Bank won unanimous approval.


The DZ Bank Building, what was formerly DG bank, is a multi use center that includes a five story office building with a conference center, luxury residentials, a restaurant and etc. It was designed by architect Frank O. Gerhy and engineerd by Hans Schober of Schlaich Bergermann & Partner. The construction of the building began in 1998 and completed in 2000.


Between the two buildings is a large atrium, designed to be used as a conference or performance space. This is covered with a sophisticated glass-grid roof, curved in a complex form typical of Gehry’s designs. The exterior of the building is clad in a yellow Italian limestone (Pietra di Vincenza) and features deeply recessed windows


Pictures from DANDA.
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