Sony Center by Murhphy/ Jahn Architects *BERLIN, Germany*

The Sony Center at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Germany by MURPHY/ JAHN Architects.


The Sony Center is a Sony- sponsored building complex, that is located at the Potsdamer Platz. The Potsdamer Plat is an important public square and traffic point in the centre of Berlin, Germany. Its located one km of the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag.

*Concept: info by MURPHY/ JAHN Architects:

In the reconstruction of Berlin, Sony Center stands for a new technical vision and order. It is not a building, but a part of the city. External is the “real” city; internal is the “virtual” city. The Passages and Gates reinforce this transition from the real to the virtual world. Surrounding Sony Center are the traditional urban streets and spaces. Inside is a new type of covered, urban Forum for a changing cultural and social interaction of our time.




The spatial dynamics and variety is contrasted by a minimal and technological attitude. Light, both natural and artificial, is the essence of the design. Sony Center is luminous, not illuminated. Façades and roof act as a fabric, which moderates the natural and artificial light. They become a screen. With its characteristics of transparency, permeability to light, reflection and refraction, there is a constant change of images and effects during day and night, effecting not only the appearance but also maximizing the comfort and minimizing the use of resources.



Through Sony’s sponsorship the vision of public space in the city becomes the Center’s primary urban characteristic. Sony Center is a group of buildings for the new age of entertainment. There is a serious effort for tailoring an architecture to the stimulating contemporary confusion of private and public space. Sony Center is a Kulturforum for the millennium, where the serious business of entertainment is portrayed as the real challenge to the high art of classical music, theater and painting.   


More information and pictures on MURPHY/ JAHN Architects and Sony Center

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