VM Houses by PLOT = big + JDS in *COPENHAGEN, Denmark*


The VM Houses, shaped like a V and M when you see them from above, is the first residential project that is built in the new district of Copenhagen, kown as Ørestaden. The VM Houses are designed by PLOT= BIG+JDS


Info from cphx.dk [more info and pictures click here..]

Imagine living in a building shaped like the letters V or M. This is PLOT’s idea of how to give the greatest amount of light and the best view to the largest number of residents.


Each apartment in the V-shaped building has a pointed, triangular balcony with a panoramic view of the south and rooms as much as five meters high. To make sure not to limit the amount of light and to give a feeling of spaciousness and airiness, the rooms have no partitions. Spaciousness and airiness were also taken into account outside. The V-shaped building is raised on five-meter-tall columns, giving the northern courtyard a light and open look. The building’s south side gives VM residents a warm, sunny front garden.



The innovative design of the VM buildings makes room for individuality. The V-shaped building has 40 different types of apartment, and the M-shaped building has 36, and most are on several levels. Like blocks of different sizes and shapes, the apartments intersect in a way that makes room for architectural surprises but also makes furnishing them a challenge.


Architects:  http://www.jdsarchitects.com/  + http://www.big.dk/
Client:  Dansk Olie Kompagni A/S and Høpfner A/S
Timeframe:  Occupancy from 2005
Address:  Ørestads Boulevard 57-59, Ørestad

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