Tram stop by Subarquitectura

A few years ago, the regional train company of Spain FGV, organized a competition for a new kind of tram stop that would be innovative, eye-catching and serve to give tram travel a fresher image. Subarquitectura turned a traffic circle into a public space.

 by day:
 by night:

The stop is a centrale stage of the new line that links the centre of the city with the residential areas in the neighbourhood. Through a fractal access system deformed in each side to avoid the existing trees, the traveller can arrive to the platform in 32 different possibilities. There are two open boxes (36 m long, 3 m wide, 2,5 m high) made above the heads of the travellers appear to float.

The boxes are made from steel which made it possible to float on only 2 supports, creating a unique and magical sequence for approaching travellers. The holes that are made in these boxes are letting light and air pass through, smoothing the shadows and generating a soft breeze in the summer months.  At night the boxes looks like giant lamps that flows threw the 800 holes that are perforated in the steel.

On the following picture you can see that benchs are spread all over the garden, close with the vegetation and paths, creating a public space near the tram stop.

Via Archdaily
More pictures and info on Archdaily
weblink : Subarquitectura

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