Tama Art University library – Toyo Ito

The Tama Art University library is designed by the famous Japansese architect, Toyo Ito and is completed in 2007. The Tama Art University is one of the most presitgious university’s in Tokyo and provides a range of facilities designed to develop the intellect and enhance life in a contemporary information society.

The new facility will have dual-purpose, with the first floor of the building use as an exhibition hall. Students will be able to assimilate the latest information from every angle. On the second floor, there is a lot of space for reading the stacks and reading seats are in perfect harmony with each other. The library can hold 300.000 of books.

What particularly attracts me a lot in this projekt, are the characteristic arches in this constuction. There arches are made out of steel plates covered with concrete and cross at several points. By these intersections, is het possible to use such extremely slender arches. The spans of the arches vary from 1.8 to 16 metres, but the width is kept uniformly at 200mm.

Have a good look on the combination of these arches and curved pillars (what echo’s a classical architecture) with the modern materials and large windows. Isn’t this just beautiful?

Photos by Ishiguro Photographic Institute.

ViaDezeen                                                                                                                                                    more info on Dezeen and Toyo Ito

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