Dupli.Casa, Villa MRMM – J. Mayer H.

Photographer David Franck

This building is designed by J. Mayer H. Architects. The geometry of the building echoes the footprint of the original house that was built in 1984 with many extensions and modifications since then.

Lifted up, it creates a semi-public space on ground level between two layers of discretion. The skin of the villa performs a sophisticated connection between inside and outside and offers spectacular views onto the old town of Marbach in Germany.

Photographer David Franck

Photographer David Franck

Jürgen Mayer H. is a Berlin based architect and still lives in Germany. He studied at The Cooper Union, the Princeton University and Stuttgart University. J. Mayer his work was published and exhibited worldwide and is part of international collections like the MoMA New York and SF MoMA. His work was awarded with numerous prizes such as: the Mies-van-der-Rohe-Award 2003, Winner Holcim Awards 2005 en etc.

Photographer David Franck

Photographer David Franck

Photographer David Franck

Photographer David Franck

Name of Project: Dupli.Casa, Villa MRMM
Location: Ludwigsburg, Germany
Architect: J. Mayer H.
Project: 2005-2007
Building area: 569 m2
Total floor area: 1190m2
Principal exterior material: aerated concrete with plaster, glass
Principal interior material: wood panelling, plaster, parquet flooring

Via Yatzer
More info and pictures on Architecture-page
weblink : J. Mayer. H

Photos by  David Franck

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