Les Yeux Verts by Jacques Ferrier Architecture, Soissons, France

Paris  firm Jacques Ferrier Architectures completed this amazing multi- storey car park, that is located in Soissons, France.

Called Lez Yeux Verts, this car park can house 600 cars and forms part of a development of former barracks into a business park. The building has a concrete structure, galvanised-steel framework, and is clad in vertical spruce timbers that vary in angle and spacing to create a ripple effect.

The timber facade is punctuated by eye-shaped openings that afford views over the town, and behind which new planting will eventually grow to form hanging gardens. More information, click here

City : Soissons, France
Programme: parking, 600 spaces
Competition: projet lauréat en 2007 / winning project in 2007
Completion: mars 2010 / March 2010
Area: 12 250 m²
Cost : 6.6 M Euros

Photos are by Jacques Ferrier Architectures/photo Luc Boegly


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