The Horse on the Ceiling by Zauberscho[e]n, Münster, Germany

This extraordinary building has been constructed by architecture studio Zaubersho(en) from Münster, Germany.

An outbuilding to the constructed library was built in the university campus which has been entitled “The horse on the ceiling” because the ceiling is supported by columns reminding the shape of horse legs galloping. As for the inspiration, photographs of horse legs galloping were used. The whole facade is made from glass, so that passers-by can admire those beautiful and functional moving shapes. To mention one curiosity, the building has been constructed during the study years of the architects, in cooperation with their professor Herbert Buehler from the architectonic studio Buehler und Buehler.

The roof is supported by columns with forms derived from photographs of horses’ legs, while a gap between the new building and the existing stable block illuminates the older brickwork. Rainwater is collected from the roof and cascaded in a curtain of water over the windows.

Photographs are made by Roland Borgmann.


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