Kraanspoor by OTH Ontwerpgroep, Amsterdam, Netherland



Kraanspoor, is a light weight transparant office building of three floors on top of a concrete craneway. The building is located on a former construction of NDSM shipyard, a relix of Amsterdam’s shipping industry.


This industrial monument, is built in 1952 and has a length of 270 meters, a height of 13,5 meters and a width of 8,7 meters. The new construction is designed by OTH, ontwerpgroep Trude Hooykaas on top of this former construction. The building is lifted by slender steel columns, 3 meters abouve the crane way that appears to float above the impressive concrete colossus.


The challenge for OTH, was to utilize the maximum of the existing craneway. The concrete craneway functions as a foundation, and carries the maximum possible weight of a three storey building, with an asymmetrical overhang on the water-side; this is due to the heavier load barring function for the former revolving cranes that cantilevered to this side. The light-weight building of steel construction made the light-weight floors necessary. By using a hollow infra+ floor system, the piping and wiring are tucked away in the floor allowing for a maximum clear height.

The glass building is clear and simple in plan. The newly built construction is characterized by its transparent double-skin climate façade of glass: the outer layer of moveable motor-driven glass louvers appear as lace-work around the building, the inner façade is of hinged timber windows with a full height from office floor to ceiling. This climate façade allows natural ventilation of the offices and acts as a buffer against heat in the summer and cold in the winter. The concrete Infra+ underfloor of only 70mm allows for concrete core activity. The water from the IJ river is pumped up and used for heating as well as cooling via a water pump.




More information and pictures on Archdaily
Pictures from OTH

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