Rem Koolhaas interviewed by DutchDFA

Rem Koolhaas discusses OMA‘s practice in an interview with Dutch Design Fashion Architecture:

“I don’t think you can make critical architecture because, in a sense, architecture always supports someone else’s impulse. On the other hand I think our architecture is thoroughly critical because every subject, every question, every ambition is analysed and is placed on the operating table, as it were…”

The iconic buildings of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, OMA, and its core principles as embodied by Rem Koolhaas, have gained worldwide attention since it’s foundation in 1975.

Rem Koolhaas’ intensive conceptual thinking about architecture and social circumstances ran simultaneously from the very early stages of his career. With a background in journalism and scriptwriting – his curiosity, research and urge to analyse are basics of his and OMA’s working process.

It is this approach that makes him a highly debated thinker and architect – although he staunchly refutes the label “Starchitect”. This image, he feels, blinds the public to a clear view of what his and OMA’s work is really about.

2 thoughts on “Rem Koolhaas interviewed by DutchDFA

  1. Hi! What a shame you gave up posting on this blog… it’s one of my favourite architecture blogs! Will you ever recover the activity? Greetings and good luck.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment!! Unfortunately I’m very busy for the moment but in the meantime we’re working on a new layout and setup. More soon ;)!


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