Mahogany table by Nathan Wierink

Last week I saw this table in the ‘Designhuis’ in Eindhoven. The table was exhibited at the Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show. The show was a part of the Dutch Design Week, which ended yesterday. The design of this table is made by Nathan Wierink.

What’s so interesting about this table, are the joints. The mahogany table is manufactured using a CNC router, which allowed these more complex joints. The CNC technic is more accurate and faster than the traditional hand tools as you can see.  

Text that I found on the website of Ontwerpduo:

June 2008
Wood joinery is functional. In the past the joinery was all made by hand. For this it was kept relatively simple. With the present day machines it is possible to make these joints faster and more accurate. Joinery made in this way is decorative as well as functional.

With this in mind there were several ways to go. The idea lends itself for different options such as child furniture with the joinery being a story, a more technical approach where the joint itself is the instruction manual. Or a subtle visual joy where the joints are beautiful and functional.

The result is a desk completely made with a CNC Router. With the joints as the decorative element in it. The desk is designed to show the joinery and give it prominent place, it is an example of how this idea of joinery can be implemented in many different ways.

Materials: mahogany
Dimensions: 74cm x 120cm x 60cm (h x w x d)

Design: Nathan Wierink

more info: Ontwerpduo
have a look at the collection of Ontwerpduo

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