Heineken Lounge Bar by UXUS Designers


Amsterdam based UXUS designers, designed this amazing lounge bar for beer brand Heineken at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, USA.

Heineken and Delaware North Companies has commissioned UXUS to design the Heineken Lounge. A bold new bar concept designed for International Airports bringing the Heineken brand to life, for travelers the world over. It is an inclusive experience, giving travelers a “third place” to escape the chaos and stress of international airports and offers the benefit of Heineken’s exclusive Extra Cold chilled beer system, a fully stocked cocktail bar, within the relaxing environment you would expect from a premium airline club.

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Blue Frog Lounge by Serie Architects

The Blue Frog acoustic lounge and studio in Mumbai, India is designed by Serie architects in february 2008.


The lounge will be used as a music venue within a complex of sound recording studios in a converted warehouse and incorporates a restaurant, bar and live music stage.

blue frog

The different sized cylindrical booths seat between 4 and 10 people and are arranged at various heights to stagger the eye levels of seated diners and standing customers, intended to afford uninterrupted views of the stage. The empty central area can be used as additional space for standing visitors or as an extension to the stage.

blue frog

blue frog

The undulating booth structure is made from block board finished with mahogany and topped with back-lit 8mm acrylic sheets.

blue frog

Photographer: Fram Petit

Text by Chris Lee and Kapil Gupta / SERIE:

A large north lit industrial warehouse within the old mill district in Mumbai is to be converted into a complex of sound recording studios and an acoustic lounge. This lounge will consist of a restaurant, bar and a live stage. Beyond this amalgamation of provisions, Blue Frog seeks to stage an acoustic experience par excellence.

The deep structure that was employed is of a cellular organization composed of circles of varying sizes in plan approximating a horse-shoe configuration. The differential extrusions of these circles encapsulated at different levels as tiered cylindrical seating booths, allow the eye level of diners and standing patrons to be distributed across staggered levels that increase in height away from the stage.

These booths seat between 4-10 people and are arranged around an open centre that can either double up as a potential 360 degree stage or accommodate standing patrons, bringing them closer to the main stage to create an intimate viewing experience. These mahogany paneled cylindrical booths maintain not only uninterrupted views to the stage, but also constant distance between diners irrespective of how crowded the lounge gets.

The undulating height of the seating booths is gently modulated by a glowing acrylic resin surface, which unifies the disparate types together and retains the presence of the architecture even in the midst of the spectacle of a state-of-the-art sound and light show at the Blue Frog.

Based on this desire to have it all, the question for us is: how do you collapse a theatre, restaurant, bar and club into a warehouse whilst maintaining all the performative characteristics of each individual type?

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