Artek at the Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy


Artek is honoured to be the sponsor of La Biennale di Venezia and realises part of the furniture and furnishings for the premises of Palazzo delle Exposizioni della Biennale.



The assignment included a bookshop, a cafeteria and additional furniture elements for an educational area, that were submitted respectively by three artists, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Tobias Rehberger and Massimo Bartolini, all selected for the 53rd International Art Exhibition.


09Tobias Rehberger was awarded the Golden Lion as best artist at the 53rd International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia. Tobias Rehberger received the price for the cafeteria, for which he collaborated closely with Artek using customized Artek furniture in an ingenious way.

Artek’s founding manifest from the year 1935 is based on the symbiosis between art, technology and architecture. The partnership with the Venice Biennale is thus perfectly in line with Artek’s ideology.



Photos by Katja Hagelstam and Wolfgang Guenzel
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Kunstbar by Studio Arne Quinze,Cologne,Germany


Studio Arne Quinze has completed the interior of die Kunstbar in Cologne, Germany. The Kunstbar is located at the base of the Dome Cathedral. The materials they used for the interior of the bar is wood of packing crates, used to chip artwork. It’s furniture is made by Quinze and Milan with variations of Studio Arne Quinze’s own chair design, Room 26 Seat.


Studio Arne Quinze transposed the concept and vision for the interior design of die kunstbar under the steps of the Dome in Cologne, Germany. The cathedral shews up the entire scenery, looking down over the entire city. A Dome referring to the catholic history of Köln, a Dome watching over the mass as the domineering replacer of God on earth.


Wooden boxes used to transport art are covering the bar. What’s behind itstays unrevealed. A metaphor for the church not revealing what happens in the church as its trying to keep hold of its controlling role in society. Those boxes used to wrap up art, church wraps up the freedom of the mind.



Quinze & Milan furnished the interior of the 174 sqm large ‘kunstbar’ with various adaptations of its Room 26 Seat, designed by Studio Arne Quinze.


Arne Quinze is the first artist to exhibit his work in the art hotspot located in the heart of the city, under the steps of the Dome. He presents ‘EYE.C.U’, a unique and uncanny video-installation replacing the religious all-seeying-eye with a contemporary digital one.

More information on Studio Arne Quinze (pictures and info from Studio Arne Quinze)

‘Mychair’ by Ben Van Berkel

The german furniture manufacturer Walter Knoll, will be unveiling a new chair, designed by Ben Van Berkel, at Orgatec 2008 in Cologne. The chair ‘Mychair’ is a new project of the Dutch architect Ben Van Berkel, who is also the founder of UN Studio architecture. The chair can be used alone or in multiples.

Ben van berkel describes how a chair designed by a architect is different from one designed by a designer:“The architectural approach to furniture is different from that of the industrial designer as the architect begins with the space and the environment that the chair will become a part of. All the details of the chair are considered for their spatial effects. This architectural approach to furniture is connected with a very personal ideology of space.”

pictures and info, from UN Studio webpage.

Origami chair by ‘So Takahashi’

This is the second year that ‘So Takahashi’ can count himself amongst the exhibitors at 100% Norway. He was previously an interior designer for Snøhetta’s Løvetann housing project. Takahashi works across spatial, print, packaging and product design, and his this year launching his Origami chair.                                   

The philosophy for Takahashi’s design is to combine commercial work with an on going exploration of design that, he explains: “floats between the different dimensions: 2D, 3D and audio. Whether it is a book cover, a chair, an album or a performance, it is all part of the same exploration and creative process of designing an expression”.

Takahashi lifes in Oslo, and that is where he recently got inspired to work on 3D objects. The Origami chair is the first product from many sketches that has come to be realised.

The chair is made from folded, powder-coated sheet metal and was recently exhibited at 100% Norway at Designersblock in Covent Garden.             

He are some pics that I have found on the internet. Bestchairdesign.blogspot

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