Mountains and Opening House by EASTERN Design Office, Takarazuka, Japan

The lower floor fully utilizes the slope of the mountain. The hidden areas become mountains、while the areas that is required light become valleys. These rolling undulations are all part of the design.

Japanese architects of EASTERN Design Office completed a studio supported above the residence on two mounds of crushed marble.

The project is located in Takarazuka city and is a home and studio for a footwear designer. The living areas are on the lower floor, sheltered on three sides by the earth of the sloping site.

The outside (exterior) mountain is formed into a mound by piling up soil excavated from the slope. The surface of the mound is a type of raw material made from crushed marble called “Kansui”. Glittering fragments of crushed marble on a whity surface shine brilliantly. There are two white mountains. The living quarters are inside the white mountain while atop the white mountainous wave is a deck.

One of the two white mountains functions as a structural support for this building, while the other mountain conceals the bathroom. These two mountains are also set into the living spaces of the residential quarters. More info via dezeen..

Photographs are made by Koichi Torimura.
Via Dezeen

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