Festival Hall in Amriswil by Müller Sigrist Architekten, Switzerland

“With its loosened-up shape, the large volume fits into a rurally determined city. Seemingly introvert, a – from roof top to base level – integrated front conceals its inner workings. Only the main entrance is accentuated by breaking up the uniform façade. The complex shape arises from the combination of the present parameters: the specific interpretation of the programme, the locations of the small town and the desired identification effect from the festival.”

Zurich based practice Müller Sigrist Architekten realised this festival hall, a crystalline, copper cladded volume in the city Amriswil, not far from Lake Constance.

The primary demand to provide a suitable framework for the celebration in the interior is met by the erection of a five-cornered central festival hall. A free polygonal outer shape allows an onion-shaped arrangement of the serving rooms around its core. Spatial tension is created by the concentric order around the main room.

A central space highlights the importance of the celebration with people at the centre of attention. Leaving a strong mark on the external perception, the roof also unfolds its effect in the interior reaching its zenith high above the heads of the visitors. The roof bend itself centres the room and the house in a non-concentric location.

Via Muuz
Photography by Thomas Enz and Hannes Henz


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