Double 00 09 Boutique by Koichi Futatsumata /CASE-REAL, Fukuoka, Japan

“One big curve expands obliquely into the inside considering the view from a street in front and the movement line and another gentle curve of the ceiling links in three dimensions.”

Koichi Futatsumata of CASE REAL designed this boutique that is located in Fukuoka, Japan. The store was designed for the Japanse retailer Alohanine and features a very minimalist and clean interior.

First, I analyzed the given environment (the arrangement of the construction to the front street and the site). Then, I thought that the space construction should be intelligent, mysterious and deep to lead the movement lines into the store, with a glance of people who pass the street would be naturally drawn to the store. Therefore, I used these two curves together, one is the wall curve expanding from the outside and the other one is the ceiling curve like a cave. Then I studied deliberately how to tie and organize these shapes.

Via furfin+ minimalismi

Photography by Hiroshi Mizusaki



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