BASE flagship store by Creneau International, Antwerp, Belgium

Belgian designers Creneau International have designed the interior of a store that is located in Antwerp Central station for Belgian mobile phone provider BASE. The building is a classified monument with an enormous history.

Creneau installed free-standing furniture and display stands on wheels, alongside seating and counters made up of large letters that spell out the BASE brand name.

The following text is from the designers:

The central station of Antwerp is the location where we find the BASE Flagship Store. The building is a classified monument with an enormous history. It makes a very solid impression…

On the other hand, the BASE brand values are: user-friendliness, clarity, transparency and emotion. To merge these two strong identities in one location, the designers of Creneau International played with contrasts; the massive historical building with its heavy materials against the light, fresh and clear elements of the BASE-brand.

The BASE brand identities lead us to creating a concept that refers to a greenhouse: a place where costumers find themselves in a high-tech environment with a very simple and low-tech feel but always transparent and clear. An environment that breathes ‘BASE’ in every way possible.

With respect to the monumental building, Creneau International treated the whole shop as a ‘box in a box’. All integrated elements are standing free of the walls. In this way, the ancient building becomes a historical backdrop, a decor in which BASE is our leading player.

Via Designidee

Creneau International is a Belgian concept and design consultancy and has more than 20 years of experience in realizing highly reputable projects worldwide. With offices in Hasselt and Dubai, representation in Sydney, Prague and Kiev and a production plant in Jakarta, Creneau International is exploring its boundaries every day. 

That’s the corporate side, but what does it mean? Their house logo featuring two winged monkeys and the baseline ‘Hac itur ad astra’, gives a pretty good idea: CI makes you reach for the stars.


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