House Satiya by adn Architectures, Kraainem, Belgium

News from home. Brussels studio adn Architectures designed this extension to a family house in Kraainem, Belgium. Called House Satiya, the project features an inclined triangular skylight at one end of the pitched roof.

The following information is from the architects:

The client wished to transform and extend his house to be able to accommodate a large family. The existing situation, a working house of the years ‘30 of 100 sqm, consequently will become a resolutely contemporary house of 350 sqm. The first will is to include the extension in continuity with the neighbourhood (inclined roof, black tiles, white painted bricks, etc).

Secondly, the intention is to reflect on creative architecture, as well by its external/interior geometry, as by a more significant dimension (reflexion on textures of the external facing amongst other things).

The extension results in a principle of envelope recovering a volume in which the included spaces are conceived like functionalized boxes. A play of full and vacuum is set up and expresses the will of close, direct, generous relations between the various levels. The external openings meet the internal needs for the house, with the specific choices of sights on the external environment, like the run of the sun during the day.

The street front defines clearly the position of the entrance. External and interior volume is a set of diagonals inducing a dynamics of space. The choice of abstraction by the black & white is a desire to propose the conceptual aspect of the project while allowing architecture built to put itself “besides”, to allow the space to live as such.

Photographs are made by Filip Dujardin

More info and pictures:

+ Satiya house / adn architectures on Archdaily
+ House Satiya by adn architectures on Dezeen



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