63.02° House by Sschemata Architecture Office, Tokyo, Japan

A small house, designed by Sschemata Architecture Office,  built at 63.02° to the road. The house is located in Nakana, Tokyo and has a floor space of 71.4 m2.

63.02°is built on a built up area in Tokyo. This small building is used as SOHO and an apartment for rent. This building is cut on the axis line inclined to a front road by 63.02°. The window in this building concentrates there. You can see the intersection by seeing the outside through the windows.

In front a splendid cherry blossoms tree stands. It is only fine sight in this building that is acquired in the center.

Photographs are by made Takumi Oota

Other projects of Sschemata Architecture Office on archiDE:

+ NADiff a/p/a/r/t by Schemata Architecture Office


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