House in Hiroshima by Suppose Design Office, Japan

Another project by Suppose Design Office , this time a renovation of a house in Hiroshima city, Japan. The project involved gutting the exisiting interior and inserting a new half- height partitions.

Usually, when we distinguish between the inside and outside of the buildings we make an unconscious judgment of the direction and strength of the sunlight, the sensation of the ground, the types of sounds flooding our surroundings and their power.

The renovations currently being done involved totally gutting this building’s frame and have left an amount of new living space; the existing partition beams had been hanging partition walls that divided the now-open space.

The open space that had been surrounded and closed off “within” these hanging partition walls now enjoys a soft light coming from underfoot that calms the place; the “external” open space outside of these partitions seems like a garden-like place with lots of light coming in. Indeed the open spaces within the building are planned to make it seem as if you had entered a garden.

Photographs are made by Toshiyuki Yano.
Via Dezeen

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