Fuji Kindergarten By Tezuka Architects, Tokyo, Japan

Designed by husband and wife architects Takaharu and Yui Tezuka, Fuji’s kindergarten most immediately captivating element is its circular orientation. (video on Monocle)

The large one-story halo-shaped building has an 183m outer circumference, and an inner circumference of 108m. The small village is made for 500 children! The central courtyard becomes a meeting point for the various groups that inhabit the kindergarten.

Created in the scale of a child, ceiling heights are restricted to 2.1m. This stresses an extremely close relationship between the ground level and the rooftop, and has been an influential factor encouraging the children to explore without inhibition. Pupils often mingle and meander between the rooftop and central garden, which like many elements of the design consistently facilitate important lessons in self-discovery.

Main functions of the kindergarten are found underneath the oval roof (where children frequently run around in the hundreds). To promote social skills and the removal of hierarchical structures, the kindergarten’s interior environment is devoid of walls.

Each classroom is fitted with individual skylights, allowing for the natural sun to seep in, and the curious addition of rope ladders. Pupils playfully use these ladders to access the rooftop. Likewise, three large existing zelkova trees have been cleverly incorporated to serve a trio of purposes: foster respect for nature; provide yet another option for ascending the facility; and eliminate psychological barriers between inside and out.

The entire portfolio can be found in 2 books! Must have!
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Via Travelwithfrankgehry – Check out this video


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