UXUS to design retail shops in Tate Modern, London, UK

UXUS are pleased to announce they have been appointed by Tate Modern to design retail shops in the Transforming Tate Modern project.

Design consultancy UXUS announced that it has been appointed to design the new retail shops in the existing Tate Modern, housed in the converted Bankside Power Station. As part of the Transforming Tate project, UXUS will design retail stores for the existing Tate Modern, as well as the Herzog & de Meuron-designed extension.

The Transforming Tate Modern project responds to developing art practice and visitor needs with the expanded retail shops providing a greater opportunity to offer an increased and diverse range of books and products in line with the richly diverse requirements of Tate’s customer market.

Creative Director George Gottl states Tate has asked UXUS to produce ‘a brand experience in a supportive role to the galleries, to enhance the experience of visitors and allow them to feel that they are leaving with a piece of the Tate’.

UXUS will begin concept design in February 2010.

Founded in Amsterdam in 2003, UXUS is an independent award wining design consultancy specializing in strategic design solutions for Retail, Communication, Hospitality, Architecture and Interiors. UXUS creates “Brand Poetry”, fusing together art and design, and creating new brand experiences for its clients worldwide. We define “Brand Poetry” as an artistic solution for commercial needs.  Artistic solutions target emotions; emotions connect people in a meaningful way. Design gives function, art gives meaning, poetry expresses the essence.
Check out the website HERE!

Special thanks to Amy for sharing

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2 thoughts on “UXUS to design retail shops in Tate Modern, London, UK

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