Lodge by Suppose Design Office, Hiroshima, Japan

Japanese architects Suppose Design Office have completed new hair salon in Hiroshima, Japan, with a band of mirror glass wrapped around the cutting space.

Called ‘Lodge’ the salon is divided into three parts. In place of using walls for separating the room, they used some large strips of mirros which is positioned at customers’ head height and affords a sense of privacy when they are seated.

“When I design, I think about space without any stereotypes. To delete the all common sense in my mind is a key for me to bring up new or beyond ideas of spaces.”

+ House in Otake by Suppose Design Office, Japan
+ Clinic by Suppose Design Office, Hirosihima, Japan
+ House in Nagoya by Suppose Design Office, Aichi, Japan
+ House in Sakuragawa, Tokyo by Suppose Design Office
+ Nature Factory by Suppose Design Office, Tokyo, Japan
+ House in Nagoya2 by Suppose Design office, Japan

Via Designboom


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