Plus by Mount Fuji Architects Studio, Shizuoka, Japan

Mount Fuji Architects Studio designed this residence called ‘PLUS’, that is located on mountainside of Izu-San in Shizuoka, Japan.

The villa that would be used for weekends, is realised by crossing two rectangular parallelepipeds at very right angles. The lower one contains private rooms and bathroom, and sticks half of the body out to existing narrow level ground. The upper one incorporates salon and kitchen, and lies astride the lower one and the mountain ridge. It almost seems like an off-centered cross pinned carefully on natural terrain.

I didn’t want to just form the undulating landscape dotted with great trees as normal, nor design an elaborate architecture bowing down to the complex topography. What sprang to my mind is a blueprint for an architecture which is perfectly autonomous itself, at the same time seems to emerge as an underlying shape that the natural environment has been hiding. It’s abstraction of nature, to say.

Plus, Shizuoka, Japan, by Mount Fuji Architects Studio
Photography by Ken’ichi Suzuki
Via Yatzer


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