Place Florence by MIKOU Design Studio, Fez, Morocco

Mikou Design Studio designed place Florence in Fez, Morocco. The outdoor space consists of eight lattice structures positioned in a circular form around a garden. At night the structures are illuminated with many LED lights reflecting the shadows of lace.

Florence Square is situated in a strategic area in the new town of Fez.  The square is structured by a main urban axis, a broad boulevard with a central island generating an important pedestrian flow.  The remodeling of Florence Square in Fez aims to create a space for encounters and meetings at a pedestrian scale and the scale of the neighborhood, but also a place clearly identifiable as a representative part of the modern Fez.

This symbolic place evokes Florence to the people of Fez, inspires and moves them.  It is a vehicle for dialogue between cultures and recalls the journey of architectural forms.

In designing the square, we were inspired by a strong and symbolic figure in the Florentine urban landscape, the octagonal form of the Baptistery of San Giovanni. We felt it essential to bring strong architectural elements to Florence square to give it an urban presence and limit it spatially.

Architect : Mikou Design Studio

Salwa Mikou, Selma Mikou, Cécile Jalby, Iskra Pencheva, Gwenaël Jerrett, Ludivine Specht
Client : City of Florence
Programme : Urban piazza and underground parking
Budget : 5 M €
Surface: 10 000 m2
Location : Fez
Date : competition 2008 / Completion 2011

Mikou Design Studio, is a young and succesfull architecture office founded in 2005 by sisters Selwa en Salma Mikou based in paris, France. The two partners, Salwa and Selma Mikou were born in Fes Marocco in 1975. After attending school in Paris (Paris Belleville) and Lausanne (EPFL), they received their diploma on Architecture and Urban design in 2000. During 2000 to 2005 they worked at RPBW (Renzo Piano Building workshop) and AJN (Ateliers Jean Nouvel) where they were in charge of international projects.

Mikou Design Studio is currently involved in a large number of projects throughout France, Germany, Brazil and Morocco, with a focus on cultural, educational buildings, housing and offices.

More projects of Mikou Design Studio on ArchiDE: click here

Special thanks to Selma for sharing!


One thought on “Place Florence by MIKOU Design Studio, Fez, Morocco

  1. If this piazza suppose to be a place where is to become a “space for encounters and meetings” where are the benches or even how are you going identify each landmark individually? On my experience of meeting someone me (or the other person) is always waiting for one another and we always mention a landmark where we will be at a precise time. Will be even better if there were some benches so people can sit while waiting. In another hand, what is better, for a single alone person to sit and read a book or people watching? Without benches this piazza will only become yet another passage way, it won’t be functional and like many examples in the past will become obsolete, an alley where people will not look twice at the big “lattice structures”.

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