Slow Food by Sagan Piechota Architecture, San Francisco, USA

Interesting installation by Sagan Piechota Architecture in San Francisco. The installation is part of the Slow Food Nation 2008.

Slow Food Nation 2008–the country’s first major sustainable foods celebration took place over Labor Day weekend at Fort Mason San Francisco. Individual “Taste Pavilions” fabricated from repurposed materials were designed by the Bay Area’s most celebrated design firms. Sagan Piechota’s design for the pickle-and-chutney booth—assembled just days before the event—featured walls made of pickle jars and a ceiling composed of 3,000 mason jar lids suspended from wires.

A total of 3,024 metal canning lids became an undulating and dynamic “ceiling” suspended with filament, Velcro and earring backs. The “walls” created with multiple rows of jars simply attached to wood studs and arranged to encourage visitor participation by taking and leaving recipes showcased within the jars themselves.

Over the course of a month and ten “build sessions” that resembled old-fashioned knitting circles, over 100 volunteers contributed their help, ideas and stories to the completion of the Pickle Pavilion. The community that formed throughout this journey would become the most valuable aspect of our involvement and distinctly reflective of the Slow Food movement.

Photographs are made by: Matthew Millman
Via Archdaily!

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