Cardboard office by Paul Coudamy, Paris, France

French artist Paul Coudamy designed a cardboard office interior for an advertising agency in Paris, France. The challenge of the artist was to design an interior in a industrial room in only one month for conception and production. He designed the furniture by using 4cm thick water- resistan cardboard mounted with wood glue and tape. Light in the space comes down from the umbrellas.

Text from the Paul Coudamy:

The challenge: to design an office space, in a 180 m² industrial room in the north of Paris for an advertising agency, in only one month for conception and production, with the most restricted budget.

The client needs 20 working posts separated in different spaces, a solution for small internal meetings with acoustic insulation, and storage. Job has been done thanks to 4cm thick water resistant honeycomb cardboard, mounted with wood glue and tape, there is no additional structure.

1 Space is completly modular, all the partitions are mobile, a system of angles cuts afford both structure and customising solutions.

2 Storage mixes the raw estectic of honeycomb and the smooth cardboard partition

3 Lighting breaks with the industrial atmosphere, umbrellas give a kind of magic.

4 Creation of a meeting box : «le confessional », for fast intern meeting hidden and isolated.

Photographs by Benjamin Bocass.


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