Princi Bakery by Claudio Silvestrin Architects, Milan, Italy

The Princi bakery in the heart of Milan, is designed by Claudio Silvestrin Architects.

The bakery offers a whole new experience to the Milanese: a bread baked with organic flour, but without yeast, in a solid brick fire oven positioned in the bakery shop itself. A simple expanse of clear glass is all that separates the customers from the baking process, protecting them from the considerable heat of the exposed fire.

The elements that are involved in the making of bread – water, air, earth and fire – are strongly present in this works of rigorous geometry and pure, natural materials. They have chosen a sand-coloured porphyry stone that matches the color of the bread-flour. Slabs of smooth porphyry cover the floor, while rough porphyry is used to texture the wall that faces the stretched 19 meter-long bronze counter.

The mighty impact of this earth-wall is softened by the gentle features of the waterfall and by seven candles, which are placed inside the wall. Recessed spotlights, positioned in the ceiling, illuminate only the bread.

Claudio Silvestrin Architects was established in 1989 with offices in London, and since 2006 in Milan.


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