Office, Store & Shop Concrete Container by Ofis Arhitekti, Slovenia


Slovenian architects Ofis designed a combined office, warehouse and shop on an industrial estate in Skofja Loka. When the contractor contacted Ofis Architects, the company already got a plot that had planning permission and adapted existing plans. They also had to employe the services of a construction company, that was contracted to build with a concrete prefab system.



The site plot is in the industrial area of Skofja Loka, Slovenia. Client bought the site in industrial zone together with constructional permit plans. The building dimensions are 35 x 22.5m and 11,50m in height. Furthermore contract included executive Construction Company for entire industrial zone with their system of prefabricated concrete system with ready made openings on each elevation.



The project task was to merge a program inside the given volume and redefine existing elevations. The existing sections had to remain the same. A client’s company produce and merchandise safety equipment and devices which had to be stored in the 2/3 of the volume.

The program was defined and inserted into 4 divisions following functional demands: Offices – storage loading – central storage – storage with attached loading. The project scheme incorporated storage for goods of different sizes with loading areas, store, offices and classroom for lectures of safety. The elevation cuts break the functional façade grid and reinstate flowing concrete elements in between translucent screens; Offices with transparent double-glazed façade, storage spaces with semi-translucent polycarbonate elements and two openings on the back as loading dock doors.





Materials are polished concrete, glass, metal and polycarbonate plates. The project was completed at a cost of 180,000€.


Photos by Tomaz Gregoric

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