Taets Art and Conference Center by 123DV Architects, Zaandam, Netherlands


Rotterdam-based 123DV Architectuur & Consult BV transformed a former ammunition factory into a conference room and art gallery at the Taets Artgallery in Zaandam, Netherlands

While the exterior of the building was kept as it was, the new art and conference roomin the renovated factory, has a stunning interior. Just check out the contrast between the inside and outside.



The oval conference room in the center of the open space draws the most attention by its form and the effect of light on the copper-clad walls. By sing LED lights on the wall,the rooms have visually different features from its heritage look.

02Some text from the architect:

The main challenge of the project was: How can the spirit of the existing monumental building and former ammunition factory become the outstanding feature of the new conference centre?

In the interior we analyzed 2 monumental features which define the interior space:

1 The gabled roof.
It’s elegance of the metal structure and the craftsmanship of the wooden ceiling.
In order to have maximal impact of the roof landscape the new rooms are kept free from the existing monumental roof. In contrast with the roof, the new walls are treated as abstract white boxes. They are also visually kept free from the floor through the use of Led light.

2 The windows.
Classical window composition through slender metal frames.
The existing monumental slender metal windows are framed in a wooden frame to emphasize the classical appearance. The frame houses all installations such as heating, airco, wooden blinds





Photos by Christian Richters


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