House in Sakuragawa, Tokyo by Suppose Design Office


Another residential project from Japanese architects Suppose Design Office, who designed a house that is located in Sakuragawa, Japan. This family home has been designed to create a spacious interior with a limited floor plan. The building is located on a 50 square meter corner plot.



To the South, across the road, is a park, promising an environment in which the four seasons can vividly be felt. Here we sought to build an expansive home in which a family of two parents, a child, a grandmother, and a dog would be able to live comfortably.

Though the site is small, from the beginning we wanted to build a house that felt big, as if even the park was your own. From the aperture in the 2nd floor living space, with it’s bay windows and bench that make you feel as though you are sitting in the park and where you can keep an eye on your children playing outside, to the split levels that allow you to communicate easily with family members and keep every place in the house connected, we have designed a space with a sense of security and peacefulness.



Certainly the house is not lavishly decorated, but we think we have created a home in which people’s lives can be enriched by interacting with one another. While architecture that places the most importance on facilities and efficiency has its value, we think with this timeless design that emphasizes communication and security you will be able to find new richness in your life.





Photographs by  Toshiyuki Yano

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