Nature Factory by Suppose Design Office, Tokyo, Japan


Suppose Design Office has just completed there interior design for  the Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama in Tokyo, Japan. The installatin, called Nature Factory is made out off plastic plumbing pipes and joints to create a series of tree-like forms inside the store.  You can visit the store until 31 January 2010.



Denim as recognised work clothes formerly has, at times, shown different expressions as fashion items to the people. Equally, a group of plumbing, usually unnoticed, shows completely different expressions under the name of “Nature Factory”. The complex plumbing, trailing by the wall in all directions will cover all over the space. It is like a tree grown over a long time. An atmosphere like a natural arbor is created in the space covered with artificial plumbing.


04New attractive scenery is presented with plumbing and fashion-items to show such primarily functional things actually are more diverse and also have higher value.

02Makoto Tanijiri, the principle of Suppose Design Office is Born in Hiroshima in 1974. Established suppose design office in 2000 and designed over 60 residences and his work sphere is broad including commercial spaces, set-ups of exhibition spaces and products. As of 2008, many domestic and international projects are in progress while based in Hiroshima and Tokyo.





More off Suppose Design office on ArchiDE, click here!


4 thoughts on “Nature Factory by Suppose Design Office, Tokyo, Japan

  1. it’s really innovative architecture,
    it might be better if it at pipe related showroom or industry.

    Art Director

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