National Tecnical Library in Prague by Projektil Architekti, Czech Republic


Via Archdaily I found a interesting project off an new library that is recently completed in Prague, Czech Republic. The architects Projektil architekti got the 1st prize among approximately 50 proposal in 2000. The following text is from the architects, more information, click here.


The idea of the new technical library is quite old and started in the 90’s. The architectural competition took place in 2000. The investor is the ministry of education on behalf of the State technical library. This design got 1st prize among approximately 50 proposals. The building construction begain in 2006 and finished in January 2009.


There are more sources of the architectural concept of the building. Firstly there is a spatial context influence which involves the historical urbanistic plans for the whole area as well as its present significance. Secondly the concept is our answer to the idea of the institution and especially to the role of the library in today’s society. That is why on the groundfloor there is a minimum of the library itself unlike all the complementary services such as the cafeteria, exhibition hall and congress hall. Next the chosen shape and material should resolve one of crucial question of how to be modern and monumental at the same time. And, what is important, the building from the very beginning was formed to be energy saving one and the shape show it clearly. Part of the concept is as well the use of the area around the building – social space on the west and a green park on the east. Finally, the building was designed to include the interior and the graphic design following the concept “the technological schoolbook”, so a lot of things (for example installations) are knowingly shown for better understanding how the building was designed and functions.


The building has three underground and six aboveground floors.The underground  is ment to book storage, technology, supply and a parking lot.

On the ground floor and the second floor there is the main entry to the library and all complementary facilities – conference hall, exhibition hall, cafeteria, bookshop and cloak room which are all around the entry hall which is the main place for meeting people from the library or university campus. That is the reason why the building has not one but four entrances to all sides. The idea was to give to the campus, not just a library, but a needed public place as well; where all the students could meet together.



In construction of the building many interesting technological solutions were used. Some of them help the flexibility, the others help save on energy demands. The construction itself used columns in a 15 meter grid with, in both directions, pre-stress concrete slabs. The statics deflation diagram for floorslabs pre-stressing was used for designing the floor, so you can imagine how the strength in the construction goes.

The main façade is divided into glass and blind parts on the surface in a ratio near to 50/50% in order to optimize the amount of heat energy. Recuperation of air and sun blinds are standard solutions, here thanks to an external double façade, wherein the sun blinds are sheltered from the wind.



The interior is very open and friendly to express the openness and friendliness of the contemporary institution. The main elements are the power-colored floor and the orientation of all lighting which point to the very middle point of the building.  The main principle of interior design is about collaboartion and reciprocal influence.

The important parts of the interior are the graphic design, which follows the technical schoolbook concept, and the art. We invited an art curator with the group PAS (production of contemporary activities) to prepare an art scheme for whole building. From the big scheme only the central artwork remains because of the lack of money. There was an international competition for this job and the famous artist Dan Perjovschi won. So now you can see an elaboration of his ideas from MoMa in New York.


Photographs by Andrea Lhotakova

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