3.1 PHILLIP LIM Boutique & Showroom, Los Angeles


PARA ProjectGiancarlo Valle designed the this 3.1 Phillip Lim Boutique & Showroom that is located near the Melrose shopping neighborhood. The new 3.1 Phillip Lim store and showroom announces the designer’s west coast debut with the transformation of 5000 square foot auto body shop into a flowing interior. The experience is a curious indulgence taking clients from the sunny LA sky into the intimate ambiance of Phillip Lim.


Introducing a thick curving wall in the existing building, the large space unfolds into four smaller niches. A single, continuous light-diffusing membrane floats above the space adding to the intimate atmosphere while giving the space a sense of lightness.

A pyramidal texture on the curving wall is actually soft to the touch creating a sensation of being both hard and soft. The smaller niches are each lined with different materials (wallpaper, Spanish cork, leather herringbone and bamboo) creating a variety of tactile vignettes for the clothing to be displayed in.



As an alternative to the typical window display, the exterior façade has no openings except the entrance. Instead of windows, the façade is surfaced in a stark yet supple pattern of concrete tiles shaped like pillows.



Via Coolboom/ More info and pictures, click here


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