NADiff a/p/a/r/t by Schemata Architecture, Tokyo


Sschemata designed this art book shop and gallery ‘NADiff a/p/a/r/t’ in Edisu, Tokyo. The following text below is from Archdaily!


They moved their main shop to this location from Aoyama. All books, operating system, and furniture from Aoyama shop were brought in to the new space. We made furniture in the same design but in different color. Then we divided the space in two zones, by placing the old furniture and the new one on each zone.


The existing floor was uneven from inaccurate construction, so we poured epoxy mixed with pine ash on the floor to create a flat surface. The transparent black liquid made different shades of black, following the uneven surface on the floor. It looked like gradation of color on a gradually shoaling beach.


We also made a new version of ‘bench 2′for this shop. We painted it with piano paint, and divided it in a few sections so they can carry it easily. Text from Archdaily!





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