Hotel Fouquet Barrière by Edouard François, Paris, France

01Courtesy of Agence Edouard François

05Courtesy of Agence Edouard François

French architect and landscape designer Edouard François was encharged for the renovation and façade design of the Fouquet’s Barrière Hotel in Paris, which is located in one block facing Avenue des Champs Elysées. The architect mission was the general plan of the whole hotel, including courtyards, administration offices and a spa service, spread on different plots of the “golden triangle”, and the design of new facades for extensions.
03Courtesy of Agence Edouard François

The surrounding area is the most elegant and expensive of the whole metropolis, and very significant in terms of architecture and relation with the context. For more info, please click here!

02Courtesy of Agence Edouard François

04Courtesy of Agence Edouard François

06Courtesy of Agence Edouard François

I think its great! What do you think?

Via Archdaily/ Pictures are Courtesy of Agence Edouard François


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