REFF Competition – 100Spaces Contest – Architecture/Design/Landscape


RomaEuropa Fake Factory is an international videoart, electronic music, literature, visual arts, design, architecture, landscape and law art competition. It is the detournement of the RomaEuropa Web Factory, a productive, pragmatic critique to the conservative cultural models that continue in their blindness towards the new models enabled by the network.

Here are the Categories for the competition:
– 100Cuts: video art
– 100Samples: music
– 100Quotes: literature
– 100Flash: GIF art
– 100Spaces: design, architecture, landscape
– Law Art: the law as form of art

The theme of the contest is Freedom to Remix. All the competitions require artists, creatives, cultural operators and lawyers, intellectuals and art lovers to question themselves on the subjects of intellectual property and of the models for culture, creativity and innovation currently being enacted worldwide by institutions, governments, big cultural operators.
Can art become a tool to research on the feasibility of new models? Can it promote research and innovation? Can we all simply try to enact innovative models, discussing them as we go along to create a cultural process that is significative in the contemporary world?



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