Kastrup Sea Bath by White arkitekter AB, Denmark


Reaching out into the Øresund from Kastrup Strandpark in Kastrup, Kastrup Sea Bath forms a living and integral part of the new sea front.

The project consists of the main building on the water, the new beach and an ajoining service building with lavatories and a handicap changing room. 


Some info from the architect:

A sculpture to walk on. And dive from. The architect responsible, Fredrik Pettersson, has produced a creation standing on discreet legs one metre above the surface of the sea, a hundred metres out from the shore.

The visitor crosses a long bridge to reach a circular installation that gradually rises up out of the sea. It is topped off with a trampoline at a height of five metres – which the inventor has yet to try…

“My idea was to achieve a sculptural, dynamic form that can be seen from the land, from the sea and from the air,” says Fredrik Pettersson. “The silhouette changes as the spectator moves around it.”


The aim was to use the shape to build in functions such as changing, sunbathing and bathing areas in a simple design that compares favourably with the wide expanse of the sea. A clear concept that is also faces the beach in a welcoming manner. This is nothing private or exclusive, rather a facility open to everyone, regardless of age, physical mobility or needs. Bathing is not compulsory, even thought it looks inviting.



More info, click here

Architects: White arkitekter AB
Location:Kastrup, Denmark
Landscape:White arkitekter AB
Construction year: 2004


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