Saxo Bank headquarters by 3XN Architects, Denmark

Saxo Bank - KBH,DK - 3XN

3XN Architects send me these pictures and info from their recent project, the Saxo Bank headquarters.

Saxo Bank - KBH,DK - 3XN

Saxo Bank - KBH,DK - 3XN

Visible from the lively cafes across the water, the new corporate headquarters for a Danish Investment Bank, Saxo Bank has been turning heads since its opening earlier this year.  This striking building, with its playful patterns of white and glass facades, reflects the colors of the surrounding sky and water.  

Inside, the open atrium-lit trading floors are buzzing with activity.  A central spiral staircase creates an open environment with vertical and horizontal sightlines over the young dynamic banking team.

Saxo Bank - KBH,DK - 3XN

Saxo Bank - KBH,DK - 3XN


3XN designed Saxo Bank’s new headquarter to match the young, dynamic internet bank’s cutting edge profile. The expressive structures balance iconographic qualities with trustworthy solidity, while the inside organization encourages interaction and knowledge sharing, making the building an effective and inspiring frame for modern corporate work life.

Saxo Bank - KBH,DK - 3XN

Saxo Bank - KBH,DK - 3XN

Saxo Bank - KBH,DK - 3XN

Saxo Bank - KBH,DK - 3XN

Thanx to 3XN for the pictures and info!


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