Sheet Lightning Cafeteria by Die Baupiloten, Berlin, Germany


The Baupiloten design a this new cafetaria within the framework of a new masterplan for the remodeling of the TO Berlin’s main building.  The cafetaria connects two courtyards and provides the space between a new function. 


The different seasons dictates the color of the light drops. The warmer the outside temperature, the cooler the light color. (and conversely) In the winter the lights have a warm red and orange color as you can see on the pictures. In spring and fall, the colors mix together. Secondly, the time of the day determines the brightness of the light. The diverse lighting created by the ‘ceiling drops’ also influences the  room height.




The ceiling lining is composed of eight luminous, tear-shaped textile elements which break the formal dominance of the room’s constructive beams. These various forms of lighting affect the perception of height and space. Installed within the volume of the sound absorbing drops are red fluorescent tubes directed downwards and blue fluorescent tubes directed upwards. Together, the lights give off a deep pink glow. The form of the light drops is generated from the pulling forces of the material’s own weight. The underside of the material is formed by a faintly transparent white artificial turf that not only distributes light but also regulates room acoustics.



Architects: Die Baupiloten
Location: Berlin, Germany
Client: TU Berlin
Project year: 2008
Photographs: Jan Bitter

Via Archdaily / Info and pictures from the architect’s website


One thought on “Sheet Lightning Cafeteria by Die Baupiloten, Berlin, Germany

  1. hello i have a hairdresr salon in amstrdam ,spacialized for Japanes ,and now i would like to open a cafeteria or tea house next to it and there wil be open wall between the salon and he ta house ,
    i was wondering if your company can help us to make this plase ,evey thing n toal .
    and how we can get a poroposal from you ,and the finel prices .
    besr regards pino

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