Seattle Library by OMA and LMN Architects, Seattle

013 OMA

The Seattle Central Library is situated at the corner of a block in the centre of Seattle. On the 412.000sf, the building accommodates an auditorium, a reading room, a mixing chamber a living room, a staff floor, a childrens play area and meeting places. The program is organised in terms of platforms which are connected by several escalators and elevators. 

025 OMA


New Seattle Public Library

The ambition was  to redefine and reinvent the Library as an institution no longer exclusively dedicated to the book, but as an information store, where all media – new and old – are presented under a regime of new equalities. In an age where information can be accessed anywhere, it is the simultaneity of all media and the professionalism of their presentation and interaction, that will make the Library new.

The library is transformed from a space to read into a social center with multiple responsibilities.

051 OMA

044 OMA



Architects: OMA + LMN
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Client: Seattle Public Library
Project year: 
Constructed Area
38,300 sqm
BudgetUS $169.2 M
PhotographsRamon Prat, Philippe Ruault

More info and pictures on Archdaily


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