Auditorium and cafeteria for TRUMPF GmbH by Barkow Leibinger, GERMANY


This headoffice off TRUMPF GmbH + Co’s, is located in a small German town, called Ditzingen. The building is designed by Barkow Leibinger architects and includes a new auditorium which also serves as cafetaria and dinning room.

There are nearly 700 seats available during regular operation in the restaurant area. But, the interior can be transformed into an auditorium for events with up to 800 participants.


Neither a factory nor an office building this freestanding pavilion introduces a new typology to the factory campus. Urbanistically, the new restaurant helps to complete the entrance courtyard spatially. Formally, its crystalline pentagon plan is a continuation of the crystalline ground plans of the new (existing) office building it is adjacent to. This structure is low lying and integrated closely with the campus landscape.







Location: Ditzingen, Germany
Building: Auditorium with cafeteria and kitchen
Client: TRUMPF GmbH + Co.
Size: 5400 m²
Built: 2006-08
Architect: Barkow Leibinger

Via Belowtheclouds


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