Headquarters Antwerp Port Authority by Zaha Hadid Architects, Belgium

zaha Antwerp

Zaha Hadid designed this building that will future the headquarters of the Antwerp Port Authority. The Port Authority aims to make its operations more efficient by centralising the administrative and technical services.

The Port Authority is located on the boundary between the city of Antwerp and its harbor. The new headquarters will also solve the pressing shortage of workspace in the present Port House on the . Some 500 people will be able to move into the new building when it is completed in 2013. In addition to offering better accommodation, the future Port House will contribute to further development and upgrading of the part of the city known as Het Eilandje.

The brief for the new building specified that it had to symbolise the Port of Antwerp as a world port and economic driver of Flanders and the Antwerp area. It also had to be built according to the principles of sustainability.

The estimated construction cost is 31.5 million euros excluding VAT and architect’s fees. This includes all the work for an office building with around 12,000 m2 of floor space, together with underground parking for ca. 300 cars






More info, click here!! Via www.contemporist.com



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