Artfarm by HHF Architects and Ai weiwei in New York


The ARTFARM is located in upstate New York, on the site of a private residence. The building is designed as a gallery for a professional art collection. On the interior it is subdivided into different sized showrooms and spaces designated to store art.

The outer shape is a consequence of the used pre-engineered and easy to assemble type of steel building, which often gets used for agricultural purposes in that area. With its abstract metallic appearance the structure becomes an equal member of a whole groupe of sculptures which are spread out in the landscape.



The outside is made of immense pieces of corrugated metal.

The massive concrete floor and the white shiny PVC batt insulation are creating a quiet and cool space. For delicate goods such as paintings etc. consistent indoor temperatures are needed, which is a challenge in an area with such enourmous change in temperatures.

With the concept of an hermetic closed and insulated envelope, the existing heating and cooling needs only to conserve the climate and support it when needed.




Info from HHF Architects / (download project documentation)

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